FREE Binder Covers

Looking to get organized this year? No more messy file folders for me! Grab these FREE binder covers and be set for every subject!

Being organized in the classroom doesn’t come easy for everyone, but I would like to think that I am a fairly organized person. It never failed, though.  At the end of the day I looked around and I had a pile of papers that needed to be organized, but I wasn’t sure where to put […]

Organized Guided Reading

Organizing your guided reading material can be overwhelming. Come see how this teacher keeps it all together and organized in her classroom!

I’ll never forget my first year of teaching when I had no idea what to do during that time of the day.  I was blessed with an amazing principal who saw my need for some help in that area.  Our district had a lady who came into my classroom once a week for 6 weeks […]

Staying Organized

Do you struggle to stay organized in the classroom? These 4 tips are sure to help you keep your classroom organized! Number 1 is the key! #ClassroomOrganization #ClassroomIdeas

We are almost half way through the month.  A common resolution for the year is always to get organized in one way or another. Maybe it’s your classroom, your closet, your bedroom, the garage, or your mail pile–being organized just makes us all feel better! But staying organized…that’s when it gets tough.  I get busy or overwhelmed […]

School Supply Storage in a Transient Classroom

Use this simple tip for school supply storage to make them easy and organized! One of the busiest nights of school is always meet the teacher night!  No matter what your school year looks like, you have kids that come and go at times. When their world seems to be turning upside down, being able […]

Classroom Tour Update!

This kindergarten classroom is simple, not over decorated, and a crisp, clean space for students to enjoy learning!

Two weeks ago I shared a few pictures from my classroom as I started decorating and setting things up.    You can read more about that by clicking {HERE}. Last Friday before I left the school after my 13 hour work day, I remembered to snap a few more pictures. Our Book Nook. The little […]

Classroom Organization Tips

These classroom organization tips are from a teacher who has moved her classroom countless times! I love how she organizes everything!

This post contains Amazon affiliate links. Sometimes the thought of keeping a second home, a classroom, organized just makes you crazy.  There are so many things to keep together. I’m going to share some of my classroom organization tips for keeping it all together in the classroom.  As I have shared before, I have moved […]

Whole Group Instruction

Whole group instruction is a part of every classroom. See how this teacher organizes that time and engages her students.

Whole group instruction is an important part of the day. It’s a time to introduce topics, gauge the knowledge of the group as a whole, have enriching academic chats, and even encourage some partner work. Let’s chat a little about whole group instruction in our classroom. First up, organizing it! Our whole group instruction is […]