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June 24, 2013

Whole Group Instruction

Whole group instruction is an important part of the day. It’s a time to introduce topics, gauge the knowledge of the group as a whole, have enriching academic chats, and even encourage some partner work. Let’s chat a little about whole group instruction in our classroom.

First up, organizing it!

Our whole group instruction is on “the carpet” as we call it. ย Many teachers do just the same. ย A magnetic teaching easel is a must for me. ย Also a great teaching chair. ย This particular year I was lucky and had a comfy rocking chair!

I like this easel because it allows me to make sure all of my teaching materials are handy!

Here you can see the students gathered on the carpet.

This particular year, my ActivBoard was not ย by my teaching easel. ย I had two whole group instruction places. ย We called one “the carpet” and the other “the mat”. ย I used a puzzle piece ABC mat for the students to sit on.

Here is a newer example of how my whole group area is organized. ย I have my tower of tubs on the left so that my daily materials are handy.

Next, using it!ย 

This is one of the most used areas in our classroom! We gather here for morning message, read aloud, shared reading, writer’s workshop mini-lesson, math mini-lesson, and our science or social studies lesson. ย Goodness! That is A LOT!

During whole group, I do a lot of “I do, you watch. ย I do, you do. ย You do, I watch.”

ย (Awesome photography skills of a sweet student! ย I do love that they always want to help. )

How does whole group instruction work in your classroom? Head over to The Applicious Teacher and check out what other great teachers do!

Whole group instruction is a part of every classroom. See how this teacher organizes that time and engages her students. #classroommanagement #firstgrade  pin it

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