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August 16, 2014

School Supply Storage in a Transient Classroom

Use this simple tip for school supply storage to make them easy and organized!

One of the busiest nights of school is always meet the teacher night!  No matter what your school year looks like, you have kids that come and go at times. When their world seems to be turning upside down, being able to allow them to have their things with them is important. You want to launch them well and to go to their new school feeling like they have everything they need for their fresh little start!

But when you get the notice that they are moving, you may find yourself scrambling to find their things.

How are you handling school supply storage? They can be so tough to keep up with when the kids move.  Who brought what? What brand did you bring? Did you bring all of the required supplies or just some of them?  

A few years ago a few genius friends shared this idea.  Store each student’s supplies in their own baggie. When they move, you just grab their baggie!

It’s simple to implement. Here’s how we make it work.

Step 1: Give each child a Ziploc baggie.

At meet the teacher night, the kids are supposed to come with their supplies.  Most of them do just that! I place a gallon Ziploc baggie at their assigned seat.  The baggie has their name on it.

Step 2: Decide what supplies to put in.

When the parents and students come in (both during Meet the Teacher and on the First Day), they see a list of supplies on the board that need to go in the Ziploc baggie.

Step 3: Fill the baggie for simple school supply storage.

They simply fill the Ziploc baggie and close it.  They leave it on their desks. At the end of the night, or day, I put them away in tubs.

Since I do community supplies, I just pull from bags as supplies are needed.  The best part is that at the end of the year, MOST students go home with almost everything they brought.  I rarely use all that they are required to bring.  We don’t use all 25 pencils for each child, nor do we use 3 large erasers per child.  They LOVE getting to take the things home at the end of the year.  It helps moms and dads save some pennies, too! You can do this if you have a good plan in place for school supply storage!

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