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April 12, 2014

Top 2 Tips for Field Trips

Field Trips, YAY!!  They are one of most fun learning experiences for my students every year, but they also can be stressful.  Sign this. Return this. Pay this. Who turned in what? Why can’t you go again? I need more adults.  Wear this shirt, please.  The list goes on and on and on, but we love them and always fight for more of them because of the rich, hands-on experience that they provide for our students. They truly bring life to their learning!  Here are my facorite two tips for field trips!

Do field trips have you going crazy due to the prep work? These field trip tips are perfect for you and your kindergarten or first grade field trip!

Tip #1: Involve the Students in the Prep Work

Yes, have them help you! Why? Because it teaches them that there is work that has to be done before the trip gets to happen.  Also, they LIKE being involved. Here is a simple way that I did this.

Using a piece of construction paper and markers, I created a sign to build excitement.  When the students brought in their field trip money and form, they got to sign their name on the field trip sign! We would celebrate, too! This also make it SUPER easy to see who had turned in things and who hadn’t.

My little friends look forward to the day they get to “sign their name on the door” and they are sure to let everyone know that they can go on the field trip!

Tip #2: Make it Easy for You to Keep Students Safe

Another one of my favorite tips for field trips is to keep safety as simple as possible.

  • We would all wear the same school shirt.
  • I would put a colored bandana on each student that was one color so I could easily see which students were mine.
  • We would all wear a sticker with the school’s name and phone number on the back of our shirts (Tip: Always on the back so that they don’t mess with it!).

Two simple tips for field trips that make a BIG difference! Do you have any tips for field trips you’d like to share? I would love to know them!
Do field trips have you going crazy due to the prep work? These field trip tips are perfect for teachers and your kindergarten or first grade field trip! Students will love the first idea! #fieldtrips  #teachertips

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  1. I love your idea of having kids sign the poster!! I bet it gives them extra incentive as well! We’ve got 3 field trips in the next 2 1/2 months so this will come in handy! Thanks for sharing your ‘bright idea!

  2. Love the idea of having kids sign the poster. I bet it’s a huge motivator for the students to return their information on time!

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