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July 19, 2011

Bottle Cap Letters

I really like word work! I have used two different programs for word work and have liked them both. Besides doing formal lessons, word work also is a station (especially if you use Daily 5). I saw on Pinterest that a wise teacher at Michelle’s Charm Words, used plastic bottle caps. You know the drill at school. You don’t change anything about the process, just the tools being used and it’s MAGIC! The kids think it’s a new station and are excited all over again!

I recently attended an event at which there were a ton of water bottles being used. My wonderful best friend knew I wanted to save the lids so she asked people for their lids and even held the trash can lid while I dug some out. Wonderful best friend, right? I had to dig while my husband wasn’t looking or else he would’ve been embarrassed! Here is a picture of how mine turned out. Total project time after the collection of the caps was about 15 minutes. Simple!

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