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February 4, 2019

Black History Month Activities

February is Black History Month and a wonderful time to celebrate the amazing contributions African Americans have made to history. I love that we have a specific month to celebrate the Black race.  As a parent of a black little girl, we talk about race often.  Even if we don’t bring it up, it comes up almost weekly.  We are teaching her to be proud of her race (color) and her ethnicity (customs, traditions, and language from her country of origin).

Are you looking for resources to start teaching about Black history all year? I have some great read alouds and simple engaging activities for your students as you talk about how beautiful the Black race and African culture is!

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As a classroom teacher, we want to honor blacks during February and I truly think it’s best that we are doing this ALL year! We can do this by discussing their character as the fight for equality, their strong family traditions, cultural celebrations, and celebrating their beauty in how they were created. Do you need some Black History Month activities that are easily implemented all year? Check out what I have for you!

Read Alouds

These books are all wonderful for interactive read alouds to be used any time of year!  They celebrate various things from black families, determination, artistic abilities, and beauty in black hair!

These read alouds all have main characters who are black. They discuss how the Black people work through difficult times, were courageous, and celebrate their beauty! They are great read alouds about black history!

All About Martin Luther King, Jr.

This unit was designed for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade learners. I needed something for my students that integrated reading, writing, and social studies and was all-inclusive – voila! The vocabulary cards really helped my students get a firm grasp on vocabulary that can be a little abstract. There are several graphic organizers to help track learning and keep it visual. Also included is a flip book and pocket book to keep learning fun and hands-on. Additionally, my students especially loved working with the timeline. There are enough activities in this one unit for a whole week of social studies! I hope your little learners will love it as much as mine!Engage your kindergarten and first grade students with these hands on activities about Martin Luther King, Jr. They are perfect for ALL year as you discuss a man who stood up for equality and who had great character!

Grab yours HERE!

Flip Up Books

Flip up books are one of my favorite resources. They have everything you need to teach about a topic all in one place, integrate social studies, reading, and writing, and are super easy to assemble. Flip up books are simple to implement into any lesson plans. They’ll keep your students engaged while they learn! Here’s what I have for Black history activities:Teach about Ruby Bridges, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Rosa Parks with these Black history flip up books. Don't just teach them during Black history month, teach them ALL year! They focus on character and integrate easily into social studies for first grade and second grade.

Rosa Parks Flip Up Book

Martin Luther King, Jr. Flip Up Book

Use this FREE Ruby Bridges flip up book to teach about a young black girl who was courageous! This is a wonderful activity for teaching students to have courage, stand up for equality, and help those who are suppressed.

Ruby Bridges Flip Up Book – This one is a FREEBIE for you!

Martin Luther King, Jr. Poem Freebie

In this blog post HERE, I shared a poem I wrote to use during shared reading for Black History Month. If you aren’t familiar with shared reading, it’s a short block of time during the day when the teacher and students read together. The teacher models and the students practice decoding strategies, comprehension strategies, and phonics all in a 15 minute time frame. Check out this post HERE to read all about how to implement it. Also, HERE is a post with 5 teaching points you can use with this poem (or any poem/song/big book).

This Martin Luther King, Jr. poem is perfect to use as a shared reading activity with your little readers in kindergarten or first grade. This activity will integrate social studies and help you model and teach important shared reading concepts! Grab it FREE in this post!

Let me end by saying this: I did not teach specifically about black culture and race all year when I was in the classroom.  I did make sure to hunt and find books that represented my students best, but I still could’ve done more.   Things have changed in the last 6 years. I now know better. When we know better, then we do better. You can, too!

I hope these Black History Month resources will help your students get a strong understanding of some important people in our history! Happy teaching!

Are you looking for resources to start teaching about Black history all year? I have some great read alouds and simple engaging activities for your students as you talk about how beautiful the Black race and African culture is! Get started in your kindergarten and first grade classroom with these black history activities.

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