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March 30, 2013

A Little Bit of Social Studies, FREEBIE, and a SALE!

CSCOPE….GRRRRR! Unfortunately, it’s not near as easy as it used to be to integrate social studies topics anymore. We just finished learning about specialized jobs.  We did have some fun with it, even though we did barely any integration!

We watched some FUN videos about factories and each jobs! Remember Mrs. Rogers?? One of my great teammates remembered the Crayola factory visit and found us this video!! The kids loved it!

Click the words above to see the Crayola video and others!
We talked about different jobs in restaurants and how we probably wouldn’t want the chef washing our dishes. Or the hostess being the chef! 
Then at the end of the week, we took a little walking field trip down to the construction site of the new highway that is being built less than a mile from our school! We got to see specialized jobs in action!! Trucks were moving everywhere, tractors were doing jobs, men were walking around the site giving instructions…ya’ll, it was probably one of the best field trips I have ever done!! (and it was FREE!!!)

When we returned we wrote about 3 specialized jobs we observed on the site! 
Click the picture to grab this little FREEBIE!
Overall, I would say our non-integrated social studies lessons were a HUGE success!! 
 I am joining up with a few other bloggers to celebrate Spring with some TpT Spring Cleaning of our wish lists! I already moved my items to my cart and am ready to check out….after I finish shopping of course! 🙂
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