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February 13, 2016

Why Flip Up Books Are Great for Students

Throughout this school year,  I have been creating flip up books for teachers and students to use. I wanted to show you how we you can use them in your classroom and why they are a great learning tool for students!Why Flip Up Books are Great for Students

1. Multiple content areas are addressed! 

Teachers are telling me that they are loving them because they are jam packed with information, activities, and they integrate across so many content areas. Reading, writing, social studies, and science–it’s all right there!George Washington Activities for First Grade, engaging and easily integrated

Polar Bear Activities for Kindergarten and First Grade--so many content areas are integrated into one place for students!

2. They serve as a “We do it.” or “You do it together.” part of the lesson.

This section of our lessons are crucial to student success!Why Flip Up Books are Great for Students--so many wonderful reasons and this chart showw where they fit into our lessons!

3. Teachers are encouraged by the high engagement of their students!

Students love them because they are new and engaging. Sometimes they just want and need something different!

Fire Safety Activities for Kindergarten and First Grade. Students will love how different and engaging this is!

4. They can easily be placed in student interactive notebooks!

I used them so often in my classroom and my students were always highly engaged and owned their learning.

Think you’d like to try a few? Grab these FREE!

Pumpking Flip Up Book Freebie--FILLED with Pumpkin Activities that are engaging for my students!

Pumpkin Investigation Flip Up Book Freebie

Ruby Bridges Activities for kindergarten and first gradeRuby Bridges Flip Up Book Freebie

You can check out my bundle here
Flip Up Books Bundle that students and teachers are loving!

Do you use flip up books in your classroom? I’d love to know more about why you love them!
Flip up books for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade--I love the 2nd reason! We often skip that area in our lessons! There's also simple, clear directions on how to make a flip up book. Don't forget to grab the FREEBIES! #kindergarten #firstgrade #secondgrade #freebie #homeschool

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