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August 16, 2013

Whole Group and Individual Classroom Management

I’m back today to share with you how we do a little bit of classroom management in our classroom.  Like most of you, I have several levels and we do our best to focus on positive behavior reinforcement.

Individual Behavior

We have a classroom clip chart for individual behavior management. I know so many people are opposed to it, but this system has always worked so well for me! I focus a lot on students moving their clips up the chart!Using a clip chart for behavior doesn't have to be horrible! It worked SO well in my classroom and I wouldn't change a thing about it! Read how this teacher uses this behavior system.

 This is a FREEBIE from the lovely Haley O’Connor over at My Silly Firsties.
Each child has a clip with their name on it.  As they make great choices, or not so great choices, they move up or down the chart from green.  If they make it to pink, they earn a jewel.  Once they reach 10 jewels, they get a new colored clip.  The colored clips work like the colors on the clip chart.  They will first earn a green, then blue, then purple, and finally pink.  After pink, they earn MEGA jewels on them.  I have learned to put a tally mark on the back of their clip so I know how many jewels they should have.  Sometimes they just “fall off” WAY too many times!
Now THIS is what I can’t live without in the classroom.  Our DeBug.

This is what we use to solve problems in our classroom.  We always make our own DeBug at the beginning of the year and then a copy of the DeBug System is in the back of their take home folder. 6 years ago when I started teaching, my team introduced me to this system.  All we ever had was a bug outline and the order of DeBug.  I have created other things to go along with teaching the system.  You can find them {HERE}!  

Whole Class Behavior

For whole class behavior, we earn cupcakes on our pan.
This cookie sheet is adorable and a great visual to use as a whole class behavior incentive! I love that it encouraged positive behavior, kindness, and great choices! It's also a simple classroom management system for a sub to handle!
Now, I know…cupcakes are in a cupcake pan and this is a cookie sheet, but that’s okay! No one really cares! Because of all of the food rules at school, we earn a popcorn party when we receive 12 cupcakes.  We earn cupcakes by receiving compliments outside of the classroom or great reports from a substitute or other teacher. The library pocket holds the cupcakes so I can easily pull one out and put it on the pan.  (It’s currently sitting on the floor because I can’t decide where to put it!) Click HERE to snag the cupcakes and word graphics by DJ Inkers FREE.

These 3 ideas are easy, effective, and help students be responsible for their choices! I love that they all focus on positive ways to handle situations and praise! #ClassroomManagement #TeacherTipspin it

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  1. Hi! I would love more info on how you do the jewels on the clips. They seem too small to fit ten. Also the mega jewels. I LOVE this idea and want to use it this year! Thank you!

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