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Ideas for a Virtual First Day of School: Kindergarten & 1st Grade

The first day jitters were always a “thing” for me. I would pick out my outfit, label all the things in my classroom, and prepare a space that they would love and help me complete. But this year is different. This year teachers like yourself are picking out half outfits (because who is even going […]

8 Get to Know You Games for Distance Learning

Get to know you games for distance learning to build a positive classroom community. If you found out that you will be teaching remotely this fall, I’m sure you have a lot on your plate. You’ve probably figured out how to run your online learning platform. You have mastered Zoom and Loom. You may even […]

Favorite K-2 Literacy Resources for Back to School

The top back to school literacy resources to engage and boost learners. It’s finally here…back to school season! This is one of my favorite times of the year! With both the start of school and how school will look changing, I’m thinking you might have your hands full. So, I wanted to share my favorite […]

How to Make Parent Communication While Distance Learning Easier

For most of us this school year, distance learning is a real possibility. With that comes several obstacles that teachers may face. One of them is how to manage parent communication while distance learning. I wanted to help you brainstorm a few ways to effectively communicate with parents so they can stay involved in their […]

How to Keep Classroom Interruptions at a Minimum

Keep classroom interruptions at a minimum with this 1 simple trick! It's memorable for the students and they love that it's a little silly!

At the beginning of the year I always spent the first 6 weeks focusing on classroom procedures and expectations. Without this, I just felt like I was herding cats all year long. In a classroom full of little learners, teaching them when itโ€™s okay to interrupt classroom instruction was at the top of my to-do […]

How to Help Cultivate a Love of Reading

Loving to read is not something that comes naturally to all children. Sometimes they love to get lost in a book, make connections, predict what will happen next and other times children just want to look at the pictures and be done. I can even see that in both of my own children.  My son […]

11 Tools to Help You Get Started With Reading Small Groups

Just the thought of getting started with guided reading small groups can be overwhelming. I know that was the case for me when I started teaching. You have to create a space for it You have to gather reading tools. Then, you have to create groups and write effective lessons. It’s a lot! One area […]

The Importance of Celebrating Character in the Classroom

Celebrating character in the classroom should be a priority. I love the reasons listed here and it truly is a simple thing to do!

There are two times of the year that I would find myself sitting and reflecting on my classroom atmosphere more than any other time–the beginning of the year and the end of the year.  Year after year a goal of mine was to do more celebrating of character in my classroom.  At the end of […]

Back to School Teacher Appreciation

Back to school teacher appreciation idea for teachers during the first week of school! Grab the FREEBIE and spread some kindness!

For Texas teachers, today was the first day back. ย This year I am at home again as we wait on our little girl from the Congo to be able to come home. ย I cry every year–not because I am ungrateful to be home or for my precious little guy that is here already, but because […]

Classroom Tour and FREEBIES

Teal and white classroom freebies that will help you get organized and be set for the year!

I know what you are thinking, “What is this teal and white classroom? I thought you were staying home with your son and waiting on your adopted baby girl to come home!” You’re right.  I am still at home, BUT my new sister in law and brother both are starting their first year in a […]

Meet the Teacher Tips

The back to school season is busy long before your students enter your classroom.  There are so many things to prepare for and meet the teacher is one of them. I wanted to help you prepare with these simple meet the teacher tips. Here are a few things that I have learned throughout my years in […]

Back to School: Parent Communication

These 4 simple parent communication tips are great! I especially love how simple the first one is with keeping my parents up to date on things!

Parent Communication can seem like a daunting task.  At the end of a long day sometimes the last thing we want to do is spend more time on the phone, writing emails, or on social media. But we have to remember one thing:  Parent communication is of the utmost importance.  As a teacher, you want […]

Interactive Science Notebook Tips

Interactive science notebook tips for kindergarten and first grade that are genius! I love the elastic idea she shared!

I have been using science interactive notebooks since my first year of teaching. ย I had a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful science teaching coach who was all about using science interactive notebooksย in the classroom. ย It was a bit of a struggle for me to get them going. ย Some years were better than others for implementing them, but […]

Reading Tips for the Beginning of the Year

These 3 tips for the beginning of the year are sure to start reading off on the right foot!

The beginning of the school year can seem like a whirl! But in the midst of the chaos, my favorite thing to do is to get to know my students through reading when we get back to school.  Not only does it grab their attention, but I love to help them fall in love with […]

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