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January 13, 2013

Super Bowl Fun and FREEBIES!

Happy Saturday, ya’ll! My sweet friend Cindy over at Primary Reading Party was so kind to share her Super Bowl literacy unit with me!  My kids have enjoyed it and I just wanted to share it with you all!

First of all, THE best thing I love about this unit is that my BOYS LOVE IT!! As I was introducing it, I could see their little brains turning….”Hmmm, how can I get to the word work shelf first? Am I even at that station today?” They couldn’t WAIT to use it!

This unit has it all!! We have mainly been using the word work activities. Here are some snapshots of my friends in action.

sorting the word wall cards into ABC order

labeling the football player (This friend decided he would cut and paste the words instead of just using them as a word bank and writing them.  I lost this battle!)

 making words (This activity was new for my friends and they LOVED it! They made read words and non-sense words.)

This unit has great comparing and contrasting activities.  Cindy also did a great job of providing several ideas for her vocabulary cards provided.  They are so kid friendly! Easy to read text and not too busy! Great for my little ones who are still becoming comfortable with text.

Included are: 

  • Super Bowl and Grey Cup prediction pages
  • Making Words pages for “football” and “goalpost”
  • Word writing with letter boxes
  • Word Scrabmle
  • Word Wall Cards (2 sets, 2 different variations)
  • Word Activity ideas and necessary activity sheets
  • Labeling pages
  • Venn Diagrams to compare and contrast the Super Bowl and Grey Cup
Cindy has a freebie for you from this great unit that you can grab at Primary Reading Party.

Follow her blog and her TpT store! Be sure to follow her on Facebook, too! 
She is always posting new units that are great for your little ones!

Up for more freebies??  Check out the product swap that is going on at Mrs. Standford’s Class! Many others are offering freebies with the great products that are being featured!

Happy Teaching,



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