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February 18, 2013

Sunday, FUNday!

I have been busy, busy today giving some TLC to my DeBug mini-unit! For me, creating things for the classroom is FUN.  Call me crazy!  I opened up the mini-unit to help answer a buyer’s question and to grab some things to use next week in class.  We have some serious tattling going on and I have GOT to put a stop to it!

I added a few things to the little unit that I will be using next week.  I added a picture sort and mini-book that I will be using next week.  I added a few other things, too.  Here’s a peak at the new revamped unit.

We also love to watch this video about tattling.  We LOVE Mr. Harry! 

I also added some new fonts to my font collection. Check them out HERE.

**Also a new price on these!** 😉 
Be sure to enter my giveaway! It ends today! 🙂 

Happy Teaching,



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    1. Gladys, thank you so much!! We seriously watch that video at least twice a week. My kids know the song by heart. My 1st question is always, “Did you use DeBug?” then I follow it up with the questions from the video. Highly recommend it, girl! 🙂

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