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July 13, 2014

Simple Cut and Paste Activities for Beginning Sounds

Happy Sunday!! I hope you are enjoying yourself!  I don’t know about your place, but here in north Texas the weather is absolutely gorgeous (and HOT, I might add!).  When it cools off, I think little bit and I will go for a walk. On to more teacher things…

I wanted to share with you the simple cut and paste activities for beginning sounds that I have been working on.

My goal was to create something with both kindergarten and 1st graders in mind.  I wanted something simple for them to do independently and I also wanted to be able to use it as a quick assessment if I needed.

With these simple beginning sound sort activities, the students sort the pictures by beginning sounds.  It’s easy to prep and easy for the students to pick up on the routine you put in place with this activity.

The students can glue the pictures that begin with that letter onto the letter and throw the other 4 pictures in the trash…

…or you can have them glue the pictures on the back and write the letter each picture begins with.

Another option is to use them in an interactive phonics notebook.  The students can glue the letter part on one side of the journal and the pictures that do not begin with that letter on the opposite side.  The students can then write the beginning letter or word!

These beginning sound sorts are perfect to use in literacy stations, small groups, or as morning work.

You can snag this HERE and you can snag the same product that focuses on blends HERE.

I can’t wait for students to use these! I know they will be a hit!
Beginning sound activities that are engaging, hands on, and help students practice scissors skills are perfect for the beginning of the year! I love that they fit in a phonics interactive notebook, too! #literacycenters #phonicspin it

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  1. Can I have a free copy of your cut and paste beginning sounds for my special needs students. Thanks

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