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Ruby Bridges Activity Flip Up Book




This Ruby Bridges activity flip up book is the perfect little activity for your students to be engaged as they learn more about this brave little girl! This activity easily integrates social studies, reading, and writing! It is easy to create with the printing instructions that are included and folding examples. Just print, fold, and staple! Plus, it saves paper with activities on EVERY side!


Inside you will find:

  • Instructions for printing the Ruby Bridges Flip Up Book
  • Picture examples of the Ruby Bridges Flip Up Book assembled
  • Picture examples of how to fold the Flip Up Book
  • 6 pages of activities for students
  • pictures to cut and paste on the Ruby Bridges timeline
  • NEW Digital Notebook for Google Slides™


Watch this video for printing and folding help!


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Please let me know if you have any questions! I am happy to help!


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