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Nonstandard Measurement Activities for Length, Area, and Weight

Are you diving into non-standard measurement with your K-1 learners? This unit focuses on length, area, and weight using non-standard measurement units. These popular measurement activities are both whole-group activities, individual activities, and activities that can be placed in a work station for students to do in groups.




Are you diving into non-standard measurement with your K-1 Learners? This unit centers around non-standard measurement units for length, area, and weight. Packed with engaging activities, it offers activities for whole-group, individual, and math centers to accommodate different learning preferences and promote collaborative group work.

Inside you will find:

  • Measurement Chart
  • Length Poster
  • Height Poster
  • Distance Poster
  • How to Measure Poster
  • How to Compare Lengths Poster
  • Comparing Lengths
  • Measuring My Friend
  • Measuring My Name
  • Measuring My Foot
  • Measuring with Feet
  • Measuring Crazy Legs
  • Bug Measuring Activity
  • Best Unit of Measurement
  • Ordering from Shortest to Tallest
  • Ordering from Tallest to Shortest
  • Ordering from Shortest to Farthest
  • Area Poster
  • Comparing Area with Circles
  • Comparing Area Play-Doh Mat
  • Area Puzzle Pieces
  • Weight Poster
  • Comparing Weight Poster
  • Weight Comparisons
  • Ordering Weight
  • Weight Mystery Bags
  • Comparing Weight Bags


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