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January 19, 2014

Kindergarten Readiness, Struggling Kinder Babies, and a FREEBIE!

Since we have returned to school about two weeks ago, I have been hitting several important concepts hard with my students! It’s January so now I pull out the ‘ole “We are getting ready for 1st grade!” phrase quite often.

I am working with my struggling little ones on many skills that I wish they had coming into the Kindergarten.  My old team had a fabulous idea and used to send home packets to parents in January.  This year I have decided to send home packets with many helpful pieces of information for the parents.

The packets included:
-a letter about their child’s academic progress
-3 on level paper books from Reading A-Z (LOVE that site!)
-a list of ALL the Kindergarten sight words
-alphabet flash cards with pictures (Or you can use the chart I talk about later. Get it here FREE!)
-a decoding strategies bookmark (Mine is here in this bundle.)
-a packet of activities focusing on letter names and sounds
-a packet of various other letter and number activities that they can easily do at home

It all fit in a large Ziploc baggie and very little of it is time-consuming.  All of the activities could be done in about 5 minutes.  Sometimes, those 5 extra minutes a day is all that a little one needs to give them that extra push.

I also think that Kindergarten has changed so much since we were there and our parents were there.  Kindergarten is now just like 1st grade.  Parents don’t always realize that when their first little one is in school.  Making them aware and helping them help their child at home I have always felt is part of my job.

My students who have a firm foundation of phonological awareness and numeracy are my students who are on level or above grade level! They are THRIVING!

One activity that I do daily with my struggling little ones is touch each letter of the alphabet, say its name, and say the sound(s) it makes. Here is a chart you can use to do that!

Click the image above to grab it for FREE! 

                                             Clipart by Melonheadz Illustrating, DJ Inkers, Whimsy Clips 
                                                                                         Fonts by Hello Literacy
Another tool I have been using are pieces from my Kitty Cat Numeration and Ordering work station unit.  I created this to use in math work stations as a review, but I also have been using it for my little ones who still can’t remember how to order numbers, the days of the week, and combinations of 5. In kindergarten we focus on many more numbers than just 0-5, but early in the year, this is our main focus.

If you are looking for more fantastic resources to give a struggling little one’s parents or even to help prepare preschool kids, this bundle is PERFECT for you!  I have teamed up with 17 other amazing sellers to load your classrooms with 19 resources!  
For a limited time it is $29.99 from Educents which is over 70% off!  It also includes these other great products so there is sure to things you love!  (They even have $10 off for first time customers… so it can be even cheaper if you have never bought anything from Educents!)
Another skill that some of my little ones struggle with  A LOT at the beginning of the year is writing their name correctly.  We are still working on the first letter being a capital letter and the following letters being lowercase.   The great thing is that there is a website that does all of the work! Check it out!
I use this website at the beginning of the year and throughout as needed.  It is something simple that parents can work on with their babies and even create on their own! Click the image below to go to the website.
What do you do to help parents prepare their little ones? What do you do to help your struggling little ones in the classroom? I would LOVE to hear from you!
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