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July 12, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday!

I have been pinning away again this week! So I am linking up with The First Grade Parade again for her Favorite Pins Friday Linky!  

Here are some of my favorite pins I added to my pinboards this week!!

For the Home:

I just LOVE this light up sign!! It looks so simple, too! I know here it is outside, but I thought it would be cute inside, too!

Found at Tatertos and Jello. (She has a special place in my heart! She was one of the first blogs for me to follow! I didn’t even know there were teaching blogs out there.)

For the Classroom:

 I loved this idea! It’s great to throw in a math station, too! Kids can explore like crazy with shapes and it will be a simple way for them to count vertices and sides.

Found at Tot Treasures.

 I always do something with names at the beginning of the year for Kinder.  We have never cut them up, though and made them into a book, though! I really like this idea! 
Found at Illuminations
For the Kitchen:
We seriously could eat squash and zucchini every day.  Hubs likes it, I like it.  It’s just a great thing! I found this recipe this week! MAN! It just looks delicious!!

For the Little Ones Some Day:
This headband is just to die for!!!

Found at Snugars.

I also love this idea! I’m all about rewarding with time to do things as opposed to toys, but I just liked this idea of ping-pong balls in the jar.  I may even try it in the classroom!

Found at Bamkapowxo. {No, that’s not a type-o}

Follow me on Pinterest {HERE}!  I hope you have a great weekend! I’m off to do great things today!! 

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  1. The squash and zucchini recipe looks to die for. I love those veggies!! Your blog is ADORABLE!! Love it

  2. I love the ping pong ball idea and the baby head band thingie- just need a baby at my house (Grandbaby that is)!


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