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Sight Words vs. High-Frequency Words: What’s the Difference?

The difference between sight words and high-frequency words and why it matters. Recently many teachers have found themselves knee-deep in “the reading wars”. As I pause to think about this phrase, I think any experienced teacher with several years under their belt would say, “There is nothing new about this. We see big shifts in […]

Quick and Simple Ways to Make Fun Sight Word Games

Motivating students to master sight words plays a large part in helping them learn the words, but how can we do that without reinventing the wheel? Before I figured out a simple and easy way to practice words and make fun sight word games, I constantly searched for the latest and greatest to practice. Scouring […]

Sight Words in Guided Reading: How to Boost Every Reader

Amazon affiliate links are used below at no cost to you. I earn a small commission each time someone makes a purchase through one of my links, which helps to support the blog.  We were sitting at my guided reading table for the hundredth time. We had been working on the same sight words in guided […]

The Best Way to Monitor Sight Word Progress

Sight word data tracking doesn't have to be tricky! See how this teacher made it easy for herself and engaging for students. Don't forget to grab the FREEBIE! #SightWords #WordWork

92 words. 100 words. It doesn’t matter which list you use – Dolch, Fry’s, or your own. Mastering sight words is a key factor in reading success with little learners. That makes progress monitoring for sight words important. But the task of tracking it all can seem so daunting. How do you keep students motivated? […]

Making Sight Words Stick

Do your students struggle with sight words? Here are 4 Simple Tips to Help Make Sight Words Stick, plus a FREEBIE!

Sight words are an important part of teaching little learners to read.  As more research has become easily available to teachers, we now know that sight words and high-frequency words are different. You can read more about that here. No matter what, though, when it comes to making high-frequency words turn to sight words and […]

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