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Virtual Shared Reading: A Step-by-Step Guide

One of the balanced literacy components my students always loved was shared reading. They loved getting to read fun poems, read big books, and sing songs. I loved the opportunity to model fluent reading and how to think like a reader. As distance learning for many is beginning this fall, I wanted to take a […]

Favorite K-2 Literacy Resources for Back to School

The top back to school literacy resources to engage and boost learners. It’s finally here…back to school season! This is one of my favorite times of the year! With both the start of school and how school will look changing, I’m thinking you might have your hands full. So, I wanted to share my favorite […]

Balanced Literacy in Kindergarten and First Grade

Balanced literacy in kindergarten and first grade is a crucial part of the day. See how this teacher explains each element and teaches it in her classroom.

Balanced literacy is truly a passion of mine.  I was lucky enough to be surrounded by amazing teachers who took me under their wings my first few years of teaching and really taught me how balanced literacy in kindergarten and first grade should look.  I have had several questions about when to do guided reading and […]

What is Shared Reading?: An Easy Start Guide

Shared reading instruction can seem tricky, but it doesn't have to be! This how-to guide makes it super simple and manageable for kindergarten and first grade! I love what they do after a week of instruction and practicing strategies, too! #balancedliteracy #sharedreading

Shared reading is a valuable part of the balanced literacy approach. You may be wondering what it is or how it’s different than a read aloud. Because it takes up such a small amount of time, it often is left out. But I am here to tell you that the 15 minutes spent on shared […]

Gingerbread Activities for the Classroom and a FREEBIE

‘Tis the season for some gingerbread activities! I know when December rolled around, I was always so excited because the students were eager to learn through some new engaging units–Gingerbread, Reindeer, and Christmas Around the World were some of our favorites! I always loved teaching thematically, but here’s the deal: I had to be able […]

A Glimpse at Shared Reading and a Facebook FREEBIE

Great tools to use for shared reading! I also love the weekly teaching guided she shares. It makes shared reading a breeze to implement!

Shared reading is one of my most favorite parts of the day!! It is a time for me to model what great reading looks like, sounds like, and even how great readers think.  The best part is that the students get the joy of reading the on-level text with me! When I taught Kindergarten in […]

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