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5 Fun Phonics Games to Boost Early Literacy Skills

We all know how important phonics instruction is. It is a pillar in the 5 pillars of reading, itโ€™s integrated into Scarboroughโ€™s Reading Rope, and it is heavily supported by research when it comes to how the brain learns to read. Phonics instruction is both explicit and systematic, but that doesnโ€™t equal boring! We need […]

6 Easy Activities to Help Teach Vowel Teams

Have you heard the chant โ€œwhen two vowels go walking, the first one does the talkingโ€? It is commonly used to help teach vowel teams. I remember teaching my students this refrain during reading small groups. A few of my students were struggling with words like peach, read, and pie. I donโ€™t remember where I […]

Exploring Phonics Instruction with A Decodable Reader

Things are changing with how we teach reading, but they are good changes! Iโ€™ve been digging into the Science of Reading and how it fits with Guided Reading.  One of the popular topics in the literacy world right now is using a decodable reader to help students with their phonics skills and to learn how […]

5 Ways to Use Clothespins in the Classroom

I love when I can use something simple and affordable in my classroom in so many ways! Clothespins are JUST that. ย I want to share 5 simple ways to use clothespins in the classroom with you! Display Student Work This is nothing new at all, but I don’t know why I didn’t do it years […]

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