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November 11, 2023

Reading Comprehension Passages with Questions: An Easy to Use FREEBIE You’ll Love

There are so many different tools and resources to use in your reading small groups that help your students with their reading skills. One of my favorite tools is using reading comprehension passages to help my students work on their comprehension skills. Let’s chat about reading comprehension passages with questions and how to use them in your classroom on the blog today.

What Are Reading Comprehension Passages?

A reading comprehension passage is a short passage written about a topic or a story. There are typically some comprehension questions about the story or topic after the passage. The goal is to focus on comprehension skills. They differ from decodable passages in that they aren’t written to follow a phonics scope and sequence. You might also see some reading response pages included with the passage.

You can read more about why you need both types of passages HERE in this blog post.

Why Use Reading Comprehension Passages?

Reading comprehension passages can help students build strong comprehension skills that will help grow them as readers. We want them to think deeply about the passage or text they are reading. We want them to react to it and ask questions. 

As students master decoding skills, we want them to apply and use their decoding skills in other texts. Reading comprehension passages are one place they could try that.

We want students to realize and learn that yes we learn to read, but also we read to learn. A passage or a book can teach us something as we read it. 

You can teach many different skills and strategies with a reading comprehension passage. They are great for focusing on the vocabulary words that are included in the passage. You can also have students practice reading comprehension skills like asking questions, making predictions, or summarizing while reading the passage. Another focus is to have students write in response to their reading.

When Do I Use Them?

You can use reading comprehension passages during whole group instruction or you can use them during your small group instruction. I would sometimes use them in a whole group lesson when we were identifying and discussing the vocabulary words in the passage. I liked to use it in reading small groups when we were working on comprehension with strong decoders.

FREE Reading Comprehension Passage to Try

I have a FREE reading comprehension passage about Seasons that you can try. This reading comprehension passage is all about seasons! It has:

  • passage about seasons
  • note taking page to use as you read
  • vocabulary page
  • writing extension activity

The passage is short and is a non-fiction text. First, you’ll want students to read the passage. After the passage is read each time, students color in a star. This not only helps them read for comprehension but also fluency. You can have them read it three times in one day, or spread it out. There are comprehension questions at the bottom of the page for students to answer.

You may also choose to have students jot down notes as they connect with the text. This page focuses on making connections with the text which is a comprehension skill. Students will write about something new they learned from the passage and what it reminds them of. This could also be completed in small group, independently, or whole group. 

Next, there is a vocabulary page included with two words pre-selected from the story. Students will give a definition of the word in their own words and then illustrate the word. This could be used as an activity or as an assessment piece.

Finally, there is a writing extension activity to complete after reading a passage. This is a perfect extension that can go in a morning tub or literacy center. 

Ready to use this passage in your class? Grab the FREEBIE here.

Looking for MORE Reading Comprehension Passages with Questions?

Having passages ready to go at your fingertips is key to relieving stress, friends. I created passages for EVERY month and bundled them by seasons and into one large bundle to help you save the most. Take a closer look by clicking on them below.

I know you will find these helpful as you focus on reading comprehension for students who have strong decoding skills.

Have you used reading comprehension passages before? Let me know how you use them in the comments.

Happy Teaching,



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