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October 5, 2013

Our Week of Compound Words, Scarecrows, and Making 5

WHEW! Where has the week gone?! September has come and gone and I am excited as can be for this cooler weather that is in the forecast for the weekend.

I thought I’d pop in and share a little bit from our week!

We needed to hit compound words hard this week! We covered them in our shared reading with our scarecrow poem from my little Scarecrow Fun unit.

The kids got to meet Compound Connie, who was a BIG hit! We created this anchor chart and drew compound word pictures around her.  (They are in pencil and weren’t showing up, so after they are colored, I’ll share a picture. 🙂 )

We watched a great video on YouTube with a song by Dr. Jean.

We did compound word puzzles as kids searched for their partner around the room to help them create a compound word.

We read several scarecrow books and retold them by sequencing the events.  We also discussed the main event in each story we read.

Retelling props and more for scarecrow fun found {HERE}.
In math we were all about making 5! We sang a fun little song about yellow and red ladybugs as we played the classic “shake and spill” game with partners. The kids really enjoyed it! We created an anchor chart and number bracelets, too! They were a hit!

I really need to be better about taking pictures during our week! I will definitely work on that! Let’s see if I can get two blog posts in next week with pictures! 🙂

I hope you have a great weekend!! Be sure to pop in tomorrow for a little Facebook Giveaway announcement!! 🙂

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  1. Dear Mrs. Richardson,
    I assign a student photgrapher of the week. I wrote a grant to get a digital camera. I teach each student how to use the camera. For common core writing students are learning how to create digital writing projects, so learning how to use the camera helps move students towards this goal. Also, there is a digital camera leason available on Brain Pop Journal.

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