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May 26, 2012

Inventors Galore!

We studied inventors a couple of weeks back.  The kids LOVED it!! They got excited, couldn’t wait to see who we would learn about next and really liked making connections between inventors.

We read picture books about each inventor (Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison).  I passed out the pictures, words, and year pictures to the students.  As I read the books, the students had to listen and raise their hand when their picture, words, or year matched. When we were done reading the books, we had created timelines!  Here are the two we made.

Then, we used Cara’s super cute inventor’s book. We journaled about a new inventor each day.  On the last day, we came up with our own inventions.  Some of my kiddos really struggled to come up with something new and unique.  They wanted to invent a cell phone, or a computer, or a stop light.  It took a while to explain to them that they all had been invented already….which is why we had them. I finally mentioned something about an automatic pet feeder and then EVERYONE all of a sudden wanted to invent an automatic pet feeder! You know how that goes! ๐Ÿ™‚

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