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September 1, 2012

First Week and a Freebie!

WOW! I don’t know about you all, but I am just feeling beat after our first week back.  I have been super busy with 23 little ones! That’s right, 23!! 23 little voices to control, 46 little hands to be kept to themselves, 46 feet to walk in the hallway and our little classroom, and 23 desks to maneuver around.  I am exhausted!, but it’s the good kind of exhausted. 🙂 I have a really great group of kids this year.  They are chatty, but I’ll take it!

This week we:
introduced writer’s workshop,

(There is room left on the “When you’re done” poster for pictures of the students doing each of those tasks.)

reader’s workshop (WAHOO! Goal for the year!!)

recognized and compared numbers 0-10 using ten frames,

 (note my running shoes in the chair there that I used for the reader’s workshop intro lesson)

word work for Daily 5-ish (literacy stations in my classroom)

(Everyone got to explore, in small groups of 3, using different types of letters.  They all LOVED it and of course hated it when we had to stop the timer because some friends weren’t following rules.)

and DeBug as we talked about how to deal with problems that are “bugging” us!

Didn’t they turn out SO cute??

Check out this one! It’s my favorite! The little boy even drew on a BOW TIE!! So precious!!

I made this during the week and am going to use it to reinforce our Writer’s Workshop guidelines next week.  Grab it if you can use it, friends! Happy LONG weekend to you all!! 🙂

Freebie Fridays

Happy Teaching,



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