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February 10, 2015

Classroom Loves!

Love is in the air!!!….or maybe not, but we all have things that we love for our classroom! Today I’m linking up with Primary Powers to share my Classroom Loves!

The last 2 years I have gone with a Target planner by Sugar Paper.  I love it! It’s less than $10 and it gets the job done.  Also, it’s not super thick and heavy!

My little friends ALWAYS love our reading rugs.  I snag them for $3 in the Target Dollar Spot.  Each season I would pick up a new one and they would always be so excited to get a new “Reading Rug”. They used them during read to self.  Instant hit and affordable!

This is a lesson that my students always enjoyed and I enjoyed teaching it because so many light bulb moments are had every. single. time.
Be sure to hop on over to Primary Powers and check out other classroom loves!!

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  1. What exactly are reading rugs? Are they actual rugs that children sit on? I have never seen anything like this at Target at the Dollar Spot. $3? What size are they please? Anyone in CT know of a Target that carries these? Thanks!

    1. Hi Suellen! They are small rugs that I grab in the Dollar Spot. Yes, they are usually $3. They used to be $2, then moved up to $2.50 and now they are usually $3. But they have them for almost every season!

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