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June 21, 2014

Bright Ideas for Birthdays

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Birthdays are so special! Let’s make classroom birthdays fun, but keep them simple!

I wanted to share this idea that my AMAZING mentor teacher passed on to me.  Mrs. Wilson gets all the credit for this first birthday Bright Idea!

For birthdays in our classroom we have a special Birthday Chair!

When I was student teaching, Mrs. Wilson had a Birthday Chair.  At the end of my time there, she and the sweet kids made me my own Birthday Chair!

To make one you just need a folding chair and stickers! Ours has had plenty of love as you can see above!

Ya’ll, it’s the best! Not only is it simple to make, but it’s simple to implement, too! I just pull it out of the closet, replace the student’s boring chair with the Birthday Chair and TA-DA! It is that simple!

This year I decided to do a little birthday gift.  I found cheap cups and then stuffed them for each child’s special day.

I bought cheap birthday border from the $1 section and cut it to then staple and make into a birthday crown. I also found the stickers, pencils, and certificates in the $1 section. I just stuffed each cup so that I would have it ready to go on each child’s special day.

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Simple DIY chair for celebrating birthdays in the classroom! My students couldn't WAIT to sit in it on their birthday! Also check out this simple birthday gift idea! #TeacherTips #ClassroomManagementpin it

For more fabulous Bright Ideas, check out any of the links below by clicking on a topic or grade level that interests you! Enjoy! Happy Summer!

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  1. Is your birthday chair a regular folding chair or a child size chair. If it is a child sized chair where did you get it from? Super cute!!! Would love to do this in my class!

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