Professional Development

15 Must-Try Brain Breaks for K-1 Students

Have you been in the middle of teaching a great lesson and you start seeing several students getting wiggly? Then you might see them start to look up, around, and everywhere except at you. And before you know it, half the class is just not focused and engaged, and you’re doing more redirecting than teaching. […]

How to Get Books in Students’ Hands While Distance Learning

You’ve probably started setting up your virtual classroom in your learning platform. You’ve planned on how to get to know your students (and for them to get to know each other!). Maybe you’ve started working on your first day of virtual school lesson plans. Perhaps you’ve even started working on your plan to launch guided […]

3 Tips for Surviving Until the End of School

Sometimes the end of the year makes you want to pull your hair out! These 3 tips are just what you need to make it through!

The end of the year is so close for some of you! I read 15 days by someone this morning.  Can you see the summer? It’s also the time of year when you are exhausted, worn out, your brain hurts, the kids can easily go crazy in the blink of an eye. Today I wanted […]

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