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6 Books to Teach Making Inferences {with a FREEBIE}

One of the reading comprehension strategies that I love teaching is making inferences. What I’ve learned from being in the classroom (and from my own kiddos) is that kids already make inferences all day long. We just have to bring this abstract idea into a more concrete concept that they can practice in reading. For […]

How to Introduce the Visualization Reading Strategy

Have you ever read a book, turned the page and saw the picture, and thought “That’s not at all what I was picturing in my mind?” This has happened to me so many times! That’s visualizing. When you use the words in a story or book to make a picture in your mind, you are […]

5 Top Literacy Sites for Easy Online Learning

Easily make online reading for kindergarten and first grade possible with these favorite websites. With all that is changing so quickly, I know that we are all feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and even a bit lost when it comes to tackling this all. Let’s be honest, as teachers, we do more than just provide an education. […]

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