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First Grade Science for the Year

Integrating Reading and Writing

What’s Included?


Science Units

Science is an amazing time to engage your little learners! 39 science units are included covering topics from Being a Scientist, Matter, Weather, Reptiles, Soil and much more! Each unit is jam packed with everything you need to not only teach your students about that concept, but also to integrate the unit into your reading and writing time a bit!

These phonemic awareness activities are great for interventions and easily keep your students engaged!

Interactive Notebooks

Science journaling has been a hit in the classroom! No lesson is complete without it! Included are 100 interactive notebooks templates with simple instructions for teachers and a small teaching blurb on each page.  The flip books are simple for students to cut, fold, and glue into their interactive notebook and are a great assessment of students’ learning!

Understanding the RTI process can be difficult. This image shows how it worked in my classroom at my school. This RTI process and flow chart makes it simple for teachers to understand.

Anchor Charts

Anchor your students’ learning with an interactive anchor chart for each unit.  Anchor charts are the perfect way to engage students in their learning, provide a tool of reference for later, and organize learning as you go! Teachers are able to easily create eye-catching anchor charts for every science unit using the materials and examples provided.

These 4 classroom time saving hacks are sure to help you keep your sanity in your classroom. From finding some extra time to practice skills, to classroom clean up, to saving your voice, you are sure to save classroom time!


Making science hands-on has never been this simple! Each experiment is engaging and easy for the teacher to prep.  About every other week a science experiment complimenting the unit for that week is provided. Each experiment has teacher notes and directions, pictorial directions for students to follow and a recording page for science journals.


Science Close Readings

Close reading passages are the perfect way to integrate science into your reading block. Each close reading passage is centered around a science topic and has 4 days of activities mapped out which include reading, comprehension, note taking, vocabulary, and writing extensions. Little learners will enjoy digging deeper into their science topics!

image (2)

Science Shared Readings

Shared reading is an important element in teaching with the balanced literacy approach Each science unit will have a poem or song that on that topic. Included, also, is a 5 day teaching plan for the shared reading time. Little learners love them and they are the perfect way to integrate science into balanced literacy.

image (4)


Providing phonics practice is an important part of the day. Each shared reading poem has a phonics skill to be practiced, beginning with beginning sounds in August and ending with vowel teams in May.  There are 2 activities for each poem along with a whole group pocket chart sort. These are perfect for placing in a workstation during your literacy block, too!

What if my district’s pacing map is different? Can I still use this?

Of course!  The beauty in being a teacher is that you are always able to adapt resources to meet your students’ needs.  Since both a monthly and yearly curriculum map are included, you will be able to locate the topic and then find out where to find each of the resources within the monthly bundle by resource title and page number.  It is simple!

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Meet the Teacher

Amanda spent several years in the classroom with kindergarten and first grade students.  With a heart for the inner city, she has experience teaching both mainstream and two-way dual language.  Amanda provides professional development on balanced literacy, guided reading, and integrating science.

Questions? Email me at [email protected]

Curious what other teachers have to say?

Joanna R.

“I just unpacked the August and September bundles into individual unit binders, and WOW, I am so excited to start using these with my first graders. You put a TON of work and heart into this. The bundle is absolutely amazing! I love how you integrated phonics, poetry, and reading comprehension into science, too. FABULOUS! A million thanks for making my job easier. Using your science bundle, there will be lots of fun learning experiences in store for my kiddos!”

Heather C.

“Such an amazing resource! It has EVERYTHING you could need to make Science more fun and interactive. Thank you for all your hard work on this resource! :)”

Karen R. 

“These lessons are very interesting and comprehensible for my students and easy for me to teach.”

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