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Habitats Unit: Exploring Animal Habitats and Food Chains

Explore fish and the various types in this fun, engaging science unit that easily integrates literacy! It has real-life images, flip books for interactive notebooks, graphic organizers, a mini-reader, an adorable writing craftivity, and much more!




Explore habitats with these filled with activities that are easy for teachers and fun for kids! Graphic organizers, vocabulary, real images, sorts, exploring food chains, and much more are included! Perfect for the K-2 learner!


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Inside you will find:

Science Unit Resources

  • Unit Teaching Plan
  • Introducing Habitats
  • Habitats Teaching Poster
  • All About the ___ Habitat Bubble Map
  • Describing the ___ Habitat
  • The Desert Can/Has/Is
  • The Ocean Can/Has/Is
  • The Arctic Can/Has/Is
  • The Forest Can/Has/Is
  • The Rainforest Can/Has/Is
  • The Grassland Can/Has/Is
  • The Wetland Can/Has/Is
  • KWL Flip Book
  • Habitat Facts Facts Flip Book
  • Habitats Flip Books
    • Desert Teaching Poster and Flip Book
    • Ocean Teaching Poster and Flip Book
    • Arctic Teaching Poster and Flip Book
    • Forest Teaching Poster and Flip Book
    • Rainforest Teaching Poster and Flip Book
    • Grassland Teaching Poster and Flip Book
    • Wetland Teaching Poster and Flip Book
  • Habitat Matching Activity
    • Habitat Matching Pocket Chart Cards
    • Habitat Animal Sort Cut-and-Paste
  • Habitat Description Cards
  • My Favorite Habitats Recording Page
  • Food Chains in Habitats
    • Food Chains Teaching Poster
    • Building Food Chains Recording Page
    • Habitat Food Chains Recording Pages
  • All About Habitats Pocket Book Sort
  • All About Habitats Anchor Charts
    • Animal Habitats Anchor Chart Pieces
    • Ocean Commotion Facts Anchor Chart Pieces
  • Unit Assessment


Literacy Resources

  • Habitats Read Aloud Suggestions
  • Habitats Shared Reading
    • Shared Reading Teacher Notes
    • Shared Reading Weekly Plan
    • Shared Reading Poem-Student Copies
    • Shared Reading Phonics Activity
    • Shared Reading Phonics Student Activity Sheets
  • All About Habitats Mini-Book
  • All About Habitats Writing Craftivity


Please let me know if you have any questions! I am happy to help! 🙂


Happy Teaching!

Amanda Richardson

Mrs. Richardson’s Class


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